Your company has more than 10 employees in France (paying the 1% housing tax). You can take advantage of the "Mobili-pass" and "Loca-pass" assistance.

idéeThe Mobili-pass

How much can you get?
  • 1 600 € maximum without any intervention of your company.
  • 3 200 € maximum with the written agreement of your company.

This subsidy is granted for the expenses incurred within the 6 months following the transfer.

Which are the expenses covered ?

  • Relocation charges
  • Rents and rental charges

idéeThe Loca-pass

It is a help which enables you to finance the deposit (credit at 0% interest refundable over three years) required by the land lord, agency fee (1 month rent) and the first rent.

We undertake for you every step with the collecting organisations and manage your file from A to Z.